Missouri House of Representatives Votes to Legalize Medical Cannabis

While the law is very limited and faces serious opposition, it’s a step in the right direction in Missouri.

The Missouri House of Representatives voted 112-44 Tuesday to legalize medical marijuana for people with several health conditions, sending the measure to the Missouri Senate.

If enacted, House Bill 1554 would allow people with terminal illnesses verified by doctors to request a registration card from the state that would allow them to possess and use smokeless marijuana. An amendment attached to the bill expanded access to people with other conditions, including cancer, Parkinson’s and epilepsy, even if they’re not considered terminal.

The bill was spearheaded by Rep. Jim Neely, a Republican from Cameron whose daughter died of cancer three years ago. Neely is also a physician who has worked in hospice care.

“We want to provide this comfort to the folks here in Missouri,” Neely said.

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